Work Highlights


Hoodin is a SaaS company that offers solutions for monitoring and insights with automate digital content monitoring.

Product Designer

Build, test, and explore concepts and align them with business goals, user needs, and technical feasibility. Deliver detailed prototypes and design documentation to development along with copy. Analyze user behaviour and needs.

Projects vary from small interactions to product wide redesigns.

Product Manager

Responsible for product strategy together with CEO. Creating and maintaining product road map coordinating with the different teams.

Front-end Developer / Interaction Designer

Creating production code using HTML/CSS, Javascript and PHP. Using Github, package managers, and automated testing.

Building and testing prototypes. Exploring interactions and visual styles.


YouCruit redefines the way you hire. With the goal of converting jobseekers into awesome colleagues. Their recruitment suite helps you hire great people on your own terms.

Interaction Designer

For a brief but exiting time I was helping out the team at Youcruit with interaction design and HTML/CSS development. Including a rework of their landing page, and mapping the backstage flow of a feature connecting companies to applicants, which turned out quite successful.


Interaction Design Foundation

UX Management: Strategy and Tactics

Psychology of Interaction Design: The Ultimate Guide

Online UX design courses by experts, with industry-recognized certificates. I took advanced courses to deepen my understanding of psychology in the field of interaction design. I did this while working full time.

Malmö University

B.Sc. Interaction Design

Interaction designers aim to create experiences with products, services and environments which are not just useful and usable, but very often pleasurable, expressive and desirable. Learning interaction design is a matter of building a repertoire of methods, skills and theoretical perspectives. Importantly, we also develop a sensitivity to the critical role of stakeholders in design, the implications of design in society and interaction aesthetics.

Umeå University

Web programming


Lay the foundation to my knowledge of JavaScript and PHP. I had much use of this. toghether with the concept of responsive web design, in school and in my early days as a designer.

University of Skövde

Web design


My first experience of higher education and an introduction to the basics of web design.