Right now I do most my reading and writing on my phone in bed at night when the rest of the family is sleeping. This make me really appreciate dark mode and Safari Reader Mode which I gave a dark palette and use on all sites not providing a dark alternative. But what should one consider when designing for dark mode? I’ll cover a few things such as color and type here. I’m also touching on high contrast modes.


What’s your light mode context? Does your light mode follow any guidelines, such as Apples Human Interface Guidelines or Googles Material Design? It’s probably a good idea to follow suite for your dark mode.

If you’re designing for a website or an app by following any internal or brand guidelines I believe it’s a good idea to design a dark alternative to those guidelines. Is it possible to have a dark version of your light palette and keep the same emotion? Remember that not all colors work very well as a tinted black. Be creative!

And always always keep contrast and accessibility in mind. Use tools as Stark to make sure all your users can access your content and that you comply with the WCAG guidelines.

Other services, such as Netflix, already have a dark UI to fit their context - should they provide a light mode?


I find bolder fonts slightly easier to read on a dark background. Variable fonts can be effective when designing for dark palettes. It’s possible to use grad to thicken the font without causing the text to reflow. However, I’ve only found a limited number of fonts supporting this today, one is Apples system font San Francisco. You could use this technique to increase the contrast in high contrast mode too (Microsoft Edge only at the time of writing).


The image above shows Apples San Fransisco in light mode with grad 400 and dark mode with grad 480.

Firefox has a great tool which let you inspect the font and make changes to it in real time.


We never have full control over color. Color shift with ambient sensors, night shift, screens and the physical environment. Black might not be 100% black.

And should your 100% black (RGB 0) actually be 95% black (RGB 5)? Maybe, Vidit Bhargava suggests in his Designing a Dark Theme for OLED iPhones.

Depth or elevation

spotify In dark mode the darkest color should be at the bottom, and each new layer is brighter. We move from dark to light.

Spotify’s iOS app is a great example of using colors to increase the depth of the UI. They use a gradient or image at the top that turns to black when information is presented. The navigation and controls is a dark grey which make them appear above the rest of the UI. The control panel makes this even clearer with a top border in lighter grey (which also indicate the tracks progression).


As I mentioned above, make sure all of your modes have enough contrast to make your content accessible to all. However, some user might require or prefer higher contrast.

Maybe prefers-contrast could be that black and white color scheme many argue for that dark mode is? The (currently) experimental media query has three different values, including color scheme preferences. I think we could combine prefers-color-scheme and prefers-contrast media queries instead.

Soon we’ll might be able to adjust our contrast and colors based on the ambient light. Light-level is in media queries 5.

Implementing on the web

Implementing dark mode on the web is pretty easy, especially if you have a rigid system and are using CSS custom properties. Warp your mode specific styles inside the prefers-color-scheme media query. The media query takes three values:

  • no-preference
  • light
  • dark

The same goes for prefers-contrast. Warp your styles with prefers-contrast media query. It has three values:

  • no-preference
  • high
  • low

And light-level also has three values:

  • normall
  • dim
  • washed
:root {
  --color-bg: white;
  --color: darkblue;

@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {
  :root {
    --color-bg: darkblue;
    --color: white;

@media (prefers-contrast: high) {
  :root {
    --color-bg: white;
    --color: black;

// You could propably do this:
@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) and (prefers-contrast: high) {
  :root {
    --color-bg: black;
    --color: white;

Into the dark

The following resources are worth diving into.

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